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Postby SkylineCoach » Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:25 am

I've done all 3 of those as well. They definitely have their own flavors.

Vail is fun, beautiful, and the lacrosse is pretty serious. Even in the Masters and Supermasters divisions - there aren't any teams who are there but basically know they don't have a shot at winning it. The first day is a couple of tournament-length play-in games, 25 minute running halves. But after that, all games are 4x15 stop time. Divisions (men's) are Elite, Masters (30+), Supermasters (40+), and Grandmasters (50+). This year I only played Supers and it was plenty. 5 days is a chunk of time, and you've bascially got travel days on both ends, so you really have to want to play. Teams take at least 25 guys because the effects of 8200 feet elevation and injuries add up. But the lacrosse is all worth it, to play & to watch. Teams from all over the country for sure.

Hawaii is much more loose. Since its harder to get there, its easier to enter a team if you can make the commitment. You'll find Wimmer & the Crease Monkeys (each probably 75% pros) playing in the same brackets as a group of college kids from Japan. And the Hawaii teams are just there to have a good time. The Divisions are different, too (which I wish they would fix), with Elites, Masters (33+), and Grandmasters (45+). Its a huge jump for us on the long end of the Masters, waiting to age into the Grands. But if you get there, you'll probably get runs since someone always ends up short. I went with a Masters team, but ended up playing in Elites too, and played in the Grands finals because Hawaii was short and I was 'close enough'. That probably wouldn't happen in Vail. Its an easy flight & a cab ride and the fields are right at the end of Waikiki - walking distance from most hotels there. Definitely a party atmosphere - island time with lacrosse. Its usually over Halloween weekend which can make it hard for families to get there as kids don't want to miss their parades at school or candy in the neighborhoods. Every few years it ends up the weekend before and I kind of wish they'd just commit to that... they'd fill the Masters' divisions a lot easier if they did.

Tahoe is limited to 2 fields so there's only one (men's) division. So you get all sorts of teams, but the brackets pretty much make sure that any team might only have 1 uncomfortable game. And once that 4th vs 1st game within each bracket is done, it gets more competitive. And the final 4 or 6 teams push pretty hard on Sunday, so its a good spectator tournament, even if you miss Friday's early action. The atmosphere is sort of half way between Vail & Hawaii in terms of party / mountain. And with plentiful condos in Incline (the whole McCloud complex is inexpensive, very well maintained, and a 5 minute walk from the fields or the beach) and a pretty easy summer drive from the Bay Area, its just a super good time. Tahoe is definitely more west-coast in general than Vail, but no more so than Hawaii.

Canada West sends teams to Hawaii in each division, and that's such an important part of western lacrosse evolution. I grew up not knowing a thing about Syracuse or Cornell, but watching guys from the Adanacs & the Slammin Salmon dominate and learning to play like them.

I miss PNLA.
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Re: Lake Tahoe 2009

Postby Timbalaned » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:49 pm

Billax wrote:
Timbalaned wrote:...I play each year for Big foot out of Portland, but we had Connor Martin (chapman stud) and Ryan Powell on our team this year as well as mostly ex Oregon guys.....

Must have been a nice plus to have the big guy on the team!

Thanks for the info!

Yeah it was really touhg \:D/ To say the guy is unreal is an understatment. Was really unselfish, made everyone better and has the best vision of anyone I have ever seen play. Could hit feeds and see stuff I didn't think was possible. And he is a super super chill dude to boot. It was fun playing and hanging out with him.
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Re: Lake Tahoe 2009

Postby Billax » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:27 pm

After checking around, I got lucky and someone sent me the West Sunset roster. Here it is:

Scott Brittain
Alex Capretta
Will Fredericks
Billy Mattimore
Charlie Ellis
Carlton Fischer

Pat Fitzgibbon
Tom Corbolotti
Roy Lang
Ryan Carter
Brian Schimaneck
Thomas Mattimore
Mike Corbolotti
Parker Brown (University)

Jon Maxwell (Sonoma State)

Matt Fredericks
Chris Corsiglia
Mike O'Mahoney
Jerry Nevin
Spencer Kaplan

Warren Pringle

As someone posted earlier, a TON of SI guys on this team. Sounds like the West Sunset boys have gotten tougher every year. It would be great to have rosters from other squads as well! Anybody?
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Re: Lake Tahoe 2009

Postby Mexicolax » Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:40 pm

Great tournament, sad I missed it this year, from what I heard it was one of the better tournaments so far, both in play and atmosphere. Anybody have any pictures of games and such. Also will the tournament still go on next year since the World Champs in England are next year?
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Re: Lake Tahoe 2009

Postby Timbalaned » Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:54 am

check out for some pics that will be up in the next few days. Granted they are going to be a lot of the Bigfoot team and the teams they played, but it should give a bit of an idea of the games. Also think was going to put up some stuff as well.
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Re: Lake Tahoe 2009

Postby dubClax17 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:46 pm

Laxrebel wrote:Dub C upset a stacked Marin team 10-3 in the semis .

Not to brag, but it was actually 10-1.

Dub C Tahoe 2009
Tim Casey- Cal Poly
Danny Metoyer- Chapman
Will Burson- Sonoma
Cito Williams-Sonoma
Don Collins- Sonoma
James Craft- Sonoma

Jamey Dale- Sonoma
Sean Whitacre- Cal Poly
Mike Clayton- Chapman
Chris Small- Chapman
Pat Bird- Colorado St
Davis Reilly- Cal Poly
Tyler Bue- Colorado St
Conor LeClair- Cal Poly
Matt Rudow- Cal Poly

Benny Cannis- Sonoma
Nick Sherrell- Sonoma
John Messina- Chico
Chris O'Mahoney- Sonoma
Ari Elden- Cal Poly
Jeff Virden- Sonoma
Pete Langhammerer- Sonoma
Aaron Myers- Cal Poly

Derek Kravitz- Mercyhurst
Domenic Gomez- Sonoma
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