U15 Treasure Island

U15 Treasure Island

Postby backdoor » Sat May 17, 2014 9:58 pm

Interesting today. While the ncjla has made it a point for the 2014 season to call nearly any body check illegal and issue harsh penalties, the games I saw today at TI was quite opposite. There seemed to be a directive to not call penalties that stop play to the point where it was just plain dangerous. I saw a few injuries that probably wouldn't have happened in the regular season because the tone of the game was left to the players. In each game I saw there were clear take out checks uncalled and general rough play, stuff you see in box lacrosse, that was being allowed.

I watched two complete games and parts of three others so perhaps I didn't see enough to judge properly. But I heard players saying things like "they aren't calling anything" and a coach asked me if they were starting to call penalties.

Overall we had a good day with competitive games but I personally would like to see safer play and more consistency in the officiating. I'm wondering what others thought.
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