Push Start/End of Season Back?

Re: Push Start/End of Season Back?

Postby picknroll » Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:10 pm

I'd go with something like this - using the last published U15 Power Rating as a poitn of reference.

Southern Marin (3)
Ross Valley (5)
Central Marin (6)
Petaluma (8)
Novato (10)
Stuart Hall (19)
Town School (21)
City Outlaws (44)

Scorpions (1)
Pleasanton (4)
Walnut Creek (7)
Lamorinda (18)
LIvermore (20)
Skyline (23)
Berkeley (40)
San Ramon (63)

Firehawks (2)
Monterey Tribe (11)
Santa Cruz (12)
Red Hawks (13)
Crusaders (15)
Tomahawks (16)
Chiefs (30)
Coyotes (32)
Vipers (35)

El Dorado Hills (9)
Granite Bay (14)
Fair Oaks (17)
Stockton (26)
Napa (27)
Elk Grove (33)
Davis (34)

It looks pretty reasonable to me. I would make schedule consist of "home and away" withing division and then each team can fill in at large games.
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Re: Push Start/End of Season Back?

Postby bay.bird » Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:02 pm

chmdave wrote:
But as far as the league is concerned...let's continue to do what we've done so well and continue to figure out ways to do it better...let's continue to focus our attention on the 3 month season and continue to grow the game...resisting the path that soccer took towards the all consuming 52 week season...

For clarification: I never mentioned or intended to extend the length of the season. My point is to maintain a three month season but push the start/end back a few weeks to avoid the bad weather at the start of the season and take advantage of the great weather we have at the end of the season.
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