How did our U-13 Travel Team do?

How did our U-13 Travel Team do?

Postby PLCFan » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:58 pm

Does anyone have any news on how our U-13 team did in Ohio over the weekend?
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Re: How did our U-13 Travel Team do?

Postby SkylineCoach » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:02 pm

Got this from the parent of our player on the team:
Howdy Ben,

Very positive experience for J---(& Dad)! Played 7 games: 1 Friday, 4 Saturday and 2 Sunday. New Jersey, Indiana, Bridge (inter-city team from DC, Dallas and FLA), Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland and Ohio – Dayton. Only real blow out was the 1st game v NJ, 1-7, kids were nervous and tentative. Otherwise played competitively. The telling advantage of the opposition was not stick skills but game IQ, positioning and off ball movement. I’d say 80% of our goals came from the attack position.

I thought of you often during the festival, lots of lacrosse guys, from around the country, you’d be in hog heaven. Saturday’s 4 games were a grind starting with the 1st game played in a downpour causing all to get drenched.

Youth sports can offer so much more than solely playing the sport / game. My conversations with L--- and J--- at this point are about whether they are ready to work hard toward their goals. Early skills with the stick quickly even out. In my mind, those that understand they have to continue learning and working on all aspects of the game (conditioning, role playing, etc.) give the kids new goals. As PCA teaches it, youth sports can teach so much more with regards to life lessons. Unfortunately, in my opinion, many parents forget this. If more parents eased back on the complaining and turned it positively toward how can they can help advance their player, team AND the club, we’d all be better. Change what you can change and don’t worry about the things you can’t affect, it’s a missed opportunity otherwise.

In case you missed it - this is the kind of parent every Club wants more of. And his player too. :D :D :D

Sorry it doesn't say a whole lot about the Tournament itself, but I think it does come through that they were jazzed on the experience.
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