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Postby Domer » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:31 pm

picknroll wrote:1. The goal is excellence not parity.
2. There's more top-tier NCJLA U15A teams this year than ever. For years the Scorpions dominated everyone. How many undefeated U15A seasons did they have? This year I believe there are 7 teams that will be competitive with each other: Firehawks, Scorpions, So Marin, Ross Valley, Novato, Petaluma, and Pleasanton. The Scorpions are not backing up either. They are as good as ever. The field of quality teams is widening - especially from the North. We've never had a deeper group of U15A teams. I don't know if this year's top team will be any better than some of those previous Scorpion championships, but I am certain that the 6th and 7th place teams will be the best ever at those slots. We've never been this deep. This year #7 will have a legitimate chance to beat #1. We've never seen that before. We're way beyond a "couple of power clubs".
3. The geographic footprint of quality teams is widening. There's great lacrosse as far north as Petaluma. Into the Sac area, I think that the El Dorado Hills team is a sleeper this year and could easily come into the Bay Area pull some upsets.
4. This perceived concentration of "super teams" is really only an issue in the South. For years it seems like the goal of the South Bay teams was to win the B championship. Now the Firehawks have made it obvious that the are not playing for the B championship. They are raising the bar in the South just like the Scorpions did in the East (and all of NCJLA for that matter). Now it's up to the other clubs in the South to rise to the Firehawks level. If that doesn't happen the Firehawks will continue to be a magnet to attract talent in the South..

You say the goal is excellence and not parity which is a nice soundbyte but then you go on to talk about parity. Except if that's your idea of parity, it doesn't sound very excellent. You mention 7 teams but I think there are close to 60 clubs in the NCJLA. That is absolutely the very definition of a "couple of power clubs". Also, I wonder if your notion of #7 having a legitimate chance at beating #1 would be a consensus opinion.

I'm all for raising the bar, I just don't think we should use the bar to push down someone else. Achieve excellence within your own neighborhood. I think the NCJLA should absolutely not allow a kid to live in Monterey and play lacrosse in Redwood City. I think your knock against the other South Bay teams is shortsighted. I don't presume to know what their goals were but just maybe they reached beyond winning championships and had something to do with excellence as a person.

I'm honestly not as passionate about this as I'm probably coming across but I also think it's easy for us to rationalize a lot of bad behaviour for the sake of winning.
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