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Postby backdoor » Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:30 pm

Why It's Needed

Game film study is a proven, effective coaching tool, but there are significant obstacles preventing its widespread use in youth sports. For instance, it's hard to get quality game footage suitable for use as a coaching tool, and organizing regular team-wide film study sessions is logistically challenging. aims to overcome these obstacles and facilitate game film study for youth sports teams.

How It Works

Submitting game footage:
Teams mail in game footage to TeamVideoRoom. Game tapes may come from a single camera. Coaches may also choose to use the service's innovative Dual Camera support system in which footage from two video cameras, each covering one half of the field, is combined into one reel. The complete game footage will be digitized, "sliced" into 20-second clips, and uploaded to a password-protected site.

Reviewing game film online:
Players and coaches log onto their account to study game films at their own convenience. Players can create and save their own personal game highlights. Coaches can watch these highlights and provide personalized feedback to the players.

Seeking Feedback

The site is in an early Beta stage. Feedback is critical to help determine whether this service is valuable, and if so, which features are most important, and where improvements are needed.

To view a demo with actual lacrosse footage, go to
-- Click on "2009" link under Seasons
-- Click on "vs. Hunters" link
-- Click on "Watch" link under Game Video

Thank you for your time. I hope this service can bring some value and innovation to the community.

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Postby CVHSJVCoach » Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:37 pm

This is interesting considering the earlier thread in this section. On the one hand, I can see a good use for it... the down side I see is that it's still not compleatly a coaching tool unless the coach is there at the same time that the video is being watched to point out the good, the bad and the "what we can do even better".... but I like the concept...

At this point, it still becomes mostly a chance for players to check out their own highlights, like mentioned in the post.

I also want to take this opertunity to say that I really enjoy the product that bhsvideodad (I think that's the name he uses) puts out. Although, I do like what your doing now with CAL and Oregon (game video with commentary, nice music backgrounds) better then the "highlight reel" type stuff you used to post on youtube for Berkely High (I think it was your son that was mostly featured?? Maybe another realtive?? Either way, he is an outstanding player.) The reason I say that was there was a shooting highlight clip in which in the youtube comments section, one of the persons posting a comment wrote something similar to "those goalies all sucked!" My son was one of the goalies in the clip.... nice to hear those kinda comments about your own flesh and blood....

While as a coach I understand that there is always going to be winners and losers, that some players/teams are going to be better then others, one of the things that brought me to love lacrosse is the STRONG tradition of "sportsmanship". I coach my team that way, to treat the opponents with respect win or loose, and therefore don't like a product that can paint others in a bad light. Leave that to the ESPN "posterizing" highlight reels..... :-({|=

Now to get off my soapbox, I like the concept for teams that have no other alternative. We have always been able to find parent volunteers that will film games for us. It could also be a way to have realatives that are in another state and can't make games still be able to see the game.
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Postby yudong » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:28 pm


Thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback. You brought up some important issues about the use of online video to critique player performance, which I'd like to address.

Regarding unsportsmanlike comments on the video clips … I should have emphasized that team accounts are password protected, so only team members (coaches, players, etc.) will have access to their game footage. My hope is that players won't trash their fellow teammates, particularly when they know that their coach is on the same thread. If ugly postings become a problem, perhaps I could add a "Report Abuse" feature that would allow a comment to be taken down.

Having said that, it's important to have bad plays pointed out in a *constructive* way (the whole point of this service is to provide a tool to be used by coaches to improve the team's performance). The coach may even create a "dim-light" reel (or ask the players to do so) of mistakes so they can discuss ways to avoid them in the future.

I agree that it would be ideal for coaches to be next to the player(s) during the game overview, but since that doesn't happen in youth sports as much as people would like (busy schedules, competing events, etc.), this can be a good alternative.

Coaches can currently write comments on the video clips to provide feedback, but I am also planning to add a feature that will enable coaches to add diagrams (Xs, Os, lines, text, etc) on the video.

It's great that parent volunteers can film the games, but that still leaves the problem of finding time to review the footage with all the players. It can also be hard to get consistent quality footage this way. For the parents, watching an entire game through a camcorder's viewfinder is not very enjoyable.

Also, some parents may be shooting for their child's recruiting DVD, in which case they will focus the footage on their own kid rather than getting the "big picture" shots of the entire team needed as a coaching tool.

To be valuable for coaching, game footage, at least to me, needs to show:
1. Off the ball movement.
2. Context of plays – positions of teammates and opponents (not just the star players).
3. Mistakes made so coaches and players can learn from them.

The idea of setting up a Dual Camera Support system is to create a more consistent method of covering the whole field during a game (each camera covers half the field with fixed angle and zoom). All the parent needs to do is push the start and stop buttons. It may not be perfect, yet, but it's an option if the single camera system turns out to be problematic.

Again, thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback. This is helping me to fine tune and improve the service.

If any coach is interested in trying out the service for free, please email me at

Best regards,
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Re: ***Sponsored Thread***

Postby backdoor » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:00 am

Game film study is a proven, effective coaching tool, but there are significant obstacles preventing its widespread use in youth sports. overcomes key obstacles, and facilitates game film study for youth sports teams.

Over the past 6 months, we have been working with the Nor-Cal Lacrosse community to fine tune our service and add new features. An improved is now ready for you. Key features include:

. Unattended filming of games with cameras at fixed angle and zoom.
. Streamlined footage with motion detection and filtering
. Defense and offense footage separation
. Review games footage online, anytime and anywhere
. Create & share game highlights
. Player video profiles

Our fixed single- and dual-camera support system makes it possible for you to film a game with minimal effort. After the footage is mailed to us, we will process and upload the video to your password-protected team account. Players can improve their game by reviewing plays and creating their own highlights. Coaches can offer guidance by providing feedback based on player highlights.

For more information, please visit
* Signing up is fast and free
* Try out features with free demo footage

Want a free demo with your own game footage? Email me and mention the Nor-Cal Lacrosse Forum.

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