Warrior Pacific Surf (Sacto), All West and Vitality Games

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Warrior Pacific Surf (Sacto), All West and Vitality Games

Postby laxlover » Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:57 pm

Great to see more local tournaments in the Bay area (Morgan Hill) and Sacramento areas. The All West Showcase games were great and at a very good location. Nice fields and many teams from up North (Seattle, etc.), Southern Cal, San Diego and Sacramento areas attending. Sacramento is starting to put together more teams and some of them are pretty good. Some teams are still developing but it is just a matter of time before they compete against Bay Area teams. Would have liked to have seen more local Bay area teams there such as Booth and Norcal. The All West Showcase has grown a lot since it first started. I don't work for All West but we need to support our local tournaments like All West as much as possible. Why fly to LA and San Diego when you can play right here?!

What was also nice about AW was the many levels of competition, which gives teams at various skill levels a chance to compete and win a championship. Nothing really beats playing, improving and winning a championship as a TEAM. Gives kids something to shoot for, you know. Bottom line: the more kids and coaches practice and play, the better the level of play and competition will be down the road.

(from All West)
CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS (area I think they are from)

U11 Gold - Crush (Orange County)
U11 Silver - AWE U11 East (All West)
U13 Gold - Silverfin Silver (LA)
U13 Silver - LA Mavs (LA)
U15 Gold - Woodinville Blue (Near Seattle)
U15 Silver - Trilogy West Crimson (Orange County)
U17 Platinum - ADVNC Sacramento
U17 Gold - Rhino (Oregon)
U17 Silver - LA Mavs (LA)
U19 Platinum - Bandits (De Lasalle Varsity)
U19 Gold - Squad del Mar (East Bay)
U19 Silver - Lax Bros South Bay (Santa Cruz)


Another tournament that could grow into something big for Nor Cal teams to compete at is the Warrior Pacific Surf games (Sacto). Very nice fields and not very far for Bay area teams to drive to.

Winning teams received a nice Warrior shaft (beats sun glasses and hats as trophies, imo).


(from their website)
Congratulations to all Warrior Pacific Surf Champions and Finalists !

Division Champion Finalist
U11 Team NorCal Bears Booth Indians
U13 A Thunder Elite Lax Empire United Lacrosse
U13 B Madlax-California Blue Sacramento Stingers
U15A Booth Indians Empire United Lacrosse
U15 B Madlax-California Orange Aces
HS A ADVNC Sacramento Aces
HS B Squad Del Mar Team West Coast

Battle of the Bay by Vitality is this weekend. Good event for beginners and intermediate players. Experienced players also there to work on their game and try new moves. http://www.vitalitylacrosse.com/Home_Page.htm
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