Alcatraz Outlaws - King of the Hill Tournament

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Alcatraz Outlaws - King of the Hill Tournament

Postby MVLAX1234 » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:59 pm

In reverse order of events, the Alcatraz Outlaws played four games over Saturday (1 game) and today (3 games) and concluded with a 4-0 record. Unlike last year, the temperature has been much more condusive to playing versus surviving and our boys played with stregnth, heart and success.

Will have a run down of the games in a little bit but the All Star team was selected and had good representation from the Outlaws.

2012 All Star Team - Will McKee, Chad Cohan, Sam Holton

2013 All Star Team - Charlie Ford, Chad Bell, Spencer Evans, Jack McGovern, Wiley Osborne, Cameron Bowlby, Mikie Schlosser, Will Ernst.

Championship game is Monday at 10:40am EST against a Massachusetts team.
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Re: Alcatraz Outlaws - King of the Hill Tournament

Postby DlaxDad » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:49 pm

Peter Stein's in game tweets are being posted in the High School forum under Alcatraz Outlaws Summer 2011.

To follow the championship game tomorrow, go to and search for alcatrazoutlaws

Thanks to Peter for his intrepid in game reporting.
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