Opinions on the Helix....?

Postby gigo567 » Tue May 01, 2007 8:53 pm

The reason the head doesn't have hold is from factory pockets. You will never be able to take full advantage of a head with a factory pocket, if you want I can string it up(need to string some heads because my season ended)

But yeah, factory=bad.
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Postby LaxDaddy's Kid » Wed May 02, 2007 7:38 am

quickstick wrote::cry: Not impressed. The shape change mid sidewall makes for a deep floppy low pocket which can help a cradle hold, but it effects the release on hard passes and shots.

I noticed this was a problem as well for a couple of our midfielders. After playing around with string jobs, I found that using a double sidewall really helps out by keeping the ball channeled through the center of the stick, reducing the "floppy pocket syndrome".

gigo567 wrote: But yeah, factory=bad.

I totally agree with you gigo. On an interesting note, Coach Bailey (not the M.V. coach, this guy is a three time all-american attack from Navy???) who helps out with our practices every once in awhile, refuses to play with anything but a factory strung pocket. Maybe it's just an older style of play, but he likes not having to worry about other string jobs and completely believes that the more shallow the pocket, the better the shot. Coming from any other player I'd be skeptical, but after watching his 100+ mph shot and seeing that he almost never losses the ball when playing, it's an interesting idea.
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