History of HS Lax in Nor Cal

History of HS Lax in Nor Cal

Postby picknroll » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:41 pm

Use this topic to contribute to the NCLF History of HS lacrosse in Northern California. I'll update this post with past state, section, and conference champions. Also share your knowledge of teams, coaches, and players.

CIF Era (2002 to Now)

LaxPower NorCal #1
2008 St. Ignatius 19-1
2007 St. Ignatius 18-0
2006 Monte Vista 18-1
2005 Monte Vista 17-5
2004 Monte Vista 19-3
2003 Berkeley 18-1
2002 Saint Ignatius 19-0

NCS Championship
2008 San Ramon Valley (20-3) over De La Salle (18-4) score 11-4
2007 De La Salle (19-3) over Monte Vista (18-5) score 8-7
2006 Monte Vista (18-1) over De La Salle (15-6) score 9-5
2005 Monte Vista (17-5) over University (18-5) score 10-9
2004 Monte Vista (19-3) over Berkeley (18-4) score 12-8
2003 Berkeley (18-1) over De La Salle (17-4) score 8-7

Golden Bear Tournament Champions
2002 Saint Ignatius

California Div 1 North Championsihp
2002 Saint Ignatius 7, Berkeley 3

EBAL Champions
2008 San Ramon Valley
2007 Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley (co champions)
2006 Monte Vista
2005 Monte Vista
2004 Monte Vista and Foothill (co champions)

DFAL Champions
2008 Miramonte
2007 Miramonte
2006 Miramonte

MCAL Champions
2008 Marin Catholic
2007 Marin Catholic
2006 Marin Catholic
2005 Novato
2004 Marin Catholic
2003 Marin Catholic

GGLL Champions
2008 University
2007 University
2002 University

BAC Champions
2006 University
2005 University
2004 University
2003 Berkeley

BSAL Champions
2008 De La Salle
2007 De La Salle

DVLL Champions
2006 De La Salle
2005 Berkeley
2004 Berkeley
2003 Foothill
2002 Acalanes

Before CIF - prior to 2002

LaxPower NorCal #1
2001 Saint Ignatius 15-3
2000 Saint Ignatius 18-2
1999 Saint Ignatius 16-1

California Div 1 State Championship
2001 Saint Ignatius over La Costa Canyon
2000 Saint Ignatius over Torrey Pines

California Div 1 North Championsihp
2001 Saint Ignatius over Acalanes

California Div 2 State Championship
2001 Menlo over Torrey Pines II
2000 Menlo over Rancho Bernardo

California Div 2 North Championsip
2002 Palo Alto 16, Southern Marin 10
2001 Menlo over Palo Alto

California State Champions
1999 Saint Ignatius
1998 Junipero Serra
1997 Torry Pines
1996 Poway
1995 Patrick Henry
1994 ?
1993 Bishop O'Dowd
1992 ?
1991 ?
1990 ?
1989 ?
1988 ?
1987 ?
1986 ?
1985 Novato
1984 Novato
1983 Novato
1982 Novato
1981 Novato
1980 Novato
1979 Novato
1978 Novato
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Postby DlaxDad » Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:23 pm

DFAL Champions

2006: Miramonte
2007: Miramonte
2008: Miramonte
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Postby Grizz » Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:27 pm

2007 EBAL Co-Champions, Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley
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sent to the SI topic also

Postby SNMALAX » Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:49 pm

:P C'mon old-timers, I know you can reach back into your minds and remember the history of lacrosse in Northern California. Let's go way back

These are some quotes from players from the Marin Area.
By M. Pardi - Present Novato Coach from Marin IJ last year:
Novato Lacrosse & Great Players Track back Decades
Lacrosse has existed in Marin for over 35 years. The Novato Lacrosse Club was formed in 1970. From 1978-1985, the Novato lacrosse team were the California State Champions 8 years running. In 1986, Chris Jaurique was nominated as the Regional All American for Novato who went on to play lacrosse at Sonoma State University. Joe Minutoli, 1989 San Marin high grad went on to play lacrosse for the fighting Irish of Norte Dame.
In the early 1990's Novato played division 1 NCLJA lacrosee vs SI, Bishop O'Dowd, Berkeley, Acalanes & University (Marin Catholic did not field a boys varsity team until 2000.) Up to this time there were no sanctions regarding which school you attended or who you played for so kids from Novato, San Marin and all over Marin played lacrosse together for Novato or Southern Marin. Ben Horn a Ross native played lacrosse for Southern Marin & moved on to St Ignatius. Ben also an All American went on to play Division 1 lacrosse for the Naval Academy. In 2002, CIF came in and sanctioned lacrosse which help recognize the sport & help jump start the high schools.

By R. Lindsey ( Who taught me a ton about lacrosse when I was at SSU and he was running with Marin Club) from Marin IJ last year:
I started playing lacrosse in Marin Co. in 1971. It had already been in existence for about 3 years. Bob Fleak was the first guy I knew who spearheaded putting the youth league together. My coach was a guy Named Russ Accoin, he started the Itaitian Athletic club. I later later helped form Marin lacrosse club. Out those small beginnings I have seen California lacrosse grow in grand fashion. Those lacrosse I have seen many great players and played many great teams. I will love this sport.Tim Kelly was the first fellow cal youth player to take high school coaching to a new level with Novato H.S..Guys like him,along with Carl Steiner, Mike Gottlieb, Bob Fleak, Russ Accoin, Dom Lydecker, and I can't remember the S.F. youth club coach's name are owed a lot of thanks. I, with a few another guys are trying to start a league here in N. Az., I understand how much work and dedication those men did put out for the love the game.

:arrow: I was fortunate to be on the team Tim Kelly and Bob Fleak started at SSU in '85 with Jaurique, M. Rome, J.Lofton as the star core players. It's great to see the continued success of Northern California lacrosse. People on the forum should continue to contribute and honor the game. :D

BTW - Great topic!
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Postby picknroll » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:33 am

I found a couple of great history sources.

1. NCS History

Click on the championsihp team and it will bring up the completed bracket for each NCS championship since 2004.

2. LaxPower Archives (thanks to Grizz for lead)

I updated my original post to summarize these sites, but it's definitely worth going to the sites directly. Interesting stuff.

I'm starting to piece together a pretty good history since CIF, but still lacking on the old stuff. Would appreciate help still.
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Postby SkylineCoach » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:37 am

Great names in there... I played with Lindsey & Rome & Jaurique at different times, not to mention other great Novato / Marin players like Marty Jayne, Leo Hartford, Mark Baldassari, and Steve Del Carlo. Long history in that program.

In 1984, the O'Dowd & Berkeley HS programs began, joining Skyline, University, SI, Branson, Southern Marin and Novato to make up the Northern CA league. In the next 2-3 years, San Jose & San Marin rounded out the late 80's field. Acalanes and Palo Alto started in 1988, and other Contra Costa teams followed fast.

The first year, O'Dowd was part of Oakland Youth Lacrosse Club, which also ran the Skyline HS team and the Skyline Youth (Montera JHS) teams. Rem Paul was President / Head Coach and O'Dowd was coached by Scott Stein who also played for the SF Club and had gone to St. Johns. Scott stayed 2 years, assisted by Tim Tuttle. Brooks Mohrmon was the next coach, and he went on to ref for many years throughout northern California. In 1987, a football coach named Dorian Cuganaan took over, and O'Dowd won the East Bay championship, but lost to University in the Nor Cal finals.

In 1984, the O'Dowd team had been largely organized by a junior at the school named Pete Krawiec. After college, Pete came back to head coach O'Dowd, and won not only a Nor Cal but a State Championship there in 1993.

Another alum, Jake Azevedo ('89) took over as head coach after Pete and lead O'Dowd to another NorCal Championship (#2 in state) in 1997.

Sorry that most of my old history is O'Dowd-centric. Its all I got.
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Postby baller1 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:54 am

2002- Golden Bear Tournament Champions- SI
2001- California State Champions D1-SI
2001- California State Champions D2- Menlo
2000- California State Champions D1- SI
2000- California State Champions D2- Menlo
1999- California State Champions- SI

This is as far back as I remember because my brother was on the last State Champion team before it went CIF, and then I was a junior the first year that Dave Giarrusso started the Golden Bear tournament. The next year it was not allowed and the East Bay teams started participating in the NCS tournament at season's end.

I like the picture they have when you click on Laxpower's HS Champs Section.
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Postby LaxDad » Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:46 pm

Carmel Lax Tournament Champions 07 - SI

Menlo Atherton JV Tournament Champions 04 - SI
Menlo Atherton JV Tournament Champions 05 - SI
Menlo Atherton JV Tournament Champions 06 - SI
Menlo Atherton JV Tournament Champions 07 - DLS
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Postby LaxDad » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:29 pm

Carmel Lax Tournament Champions 03 - Menlo
Carmel Lax Tournament Champions 08 - St. Margaret's
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Postby baller1 » Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:08 pm

Carmel Lax Tournament Champions 03 was SI LaxDad.
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