Varsity Poll 5/2/11

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Varsity Poll 5/2/11

Postby MVLAX1234 » Sun May 01, 2011 10:23 pm

I suspect that given the volatility of this year's season, we have not proposed this topic prior to now. With end of season and in some cases playoffs approaching, we need to get the topic going. Someone may have the talent to generate a poll, but I am not that person so with no technology involved, here is the (e.g my) attempt.

1. SI
2. De la Salle
3. San Ramon Valley
4. Bellarmine
5. Foothill
6. University
7. Monte Vista
8. California
9. Amador Valley
10.Marin Catholic
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Re: Varsity Poll 5/2/11

Postby picknroll » Sun May 01, 2011 10:58 pm

Acalanes (not in your top 10) has wins over both University (your #6) and Amador (your #9).

Monte Vista scorched University (20-12), but University is rated above MV in your poll.

Is "California" meant to be UC Berkeley or Cal High? If it's Cal High they ain't in the top 10. :)

Thanks for posting the topic, though, and letting us criticize :)
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Re: Varsity Poll 5/2/11

Postby DlaxDad » Sun May 01, 2011 11:34 pm

Pick -- where's your list? Can't just take pot shots without offering up your own choices for examination. Here are mine:

1. SI -- 17-3 and beat DLS -- so stacked they have a D1 commit on their second midfield line -- and they beat Coronado
2. DLS -- has everyone's number except SI
3. SRV -- too many horses for almost everyone.
4. Foothill -- got over on SRV, and will be there in Division 1 in the final 4
5. Monte Vista -- split with Foothill -- coming on strong as the season progresses
6. Bellarmine -- Bells beat Foothill and AV early, but I'd pick the Falcons in a rematch; SI's got their number, but the Bells have beaten everyone else
7. Acalanes -- class of the DFAL, but 11-0 losers to Bellarmine -- I don't see the Dons taking any of the EBAL's top 4
8. University -- #6 SOS, lost to Acalanes in 3OT, beat Marin Academy, lost to Marin Catholic, beat Berkeley -- my pick in Division 2 . . . . today
9. Berkeley -- Strong early season, seem to be leveling off a bit
10. Marin Catholic -- takes # 10 spot over Redwood based on strength of schedule; 13-11 loss to Bells a strong effort

Others considered:
Redwood -- only one loss to University, and beat Berkeley; end season against Marin Catholic
Marin Academy -- beat Acalanes, lost to University and Marin Catholic; rest of schedule not too challenging
Miramonte -- Solid D, O remains work in progress -- can't get over on Acalanes this season; have University Friday night at Boxer
Granite Bay -- lost to only ranked teams, Acalanes and Monte Vista; SOS #33 of 44 in North Coast and San Joaquin Sections
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