Monte Vista (11) v. Loyola Los Angeles (6)

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Monte Vista (11) v. Loyola Los Angeles (6)

Postby numbersman » Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:32 pm

Its been quite a while since I watched a high school game end-to-end, so I thought for old times sake, I would write a game review. As I don't know the rosters of either team well, I will give what impressions I can without individual attribution.

Loyola - Los Angeles is one of the top teams in the SoCal, LA area lacrosse scene this year. They are a very solid team at all positions and well coached in fundamentals. They have a good face off guy (he won about 70% of the draws but couldn't always control the ball. They also have a fantastic keeper, and a stud middie (big, fast and can drive on poles). I got the impression that they were not experienced in clearing the ball through an aggressive ride, as MV was able to get them to turnover the ball quite a few times by riding hard. Once Loyola cleared the ball they did a good job moving it into settled offense, but had difficulty moving it inside for a shot. They didn't really push transition very hard, but MV also did a good job of covering defense in the transition so that may have been the reason why.

Loyola scored first in the early part of the first quarter. Monte Vista tied it up at the very end of the quarter. In the second quarter MV put in 4 goals by very heads up play around the goal - picking up ground balls out of scrums and dropping them in. They have some very good attackmen who have an eye for the ball. On one goal, the Loyola goalie saved a shot uncleanly, popping the ball up to himself, and a close by MV attack man snatched the ball out the air and dropped it in the goal. In the third quarter MV extended the lead to 9-3, and if I remember correctly was up 11-3 about midway through the 4th quarter. Loyola scored a couple of goals in the waining minutes to make it a 5 point game.

I went to see the game since MV is undefeated this year, I am an MV homer, and I had a few free hours. MV is very good this year. They are very talented at all positions, have some very good dodging and ball handling attack men and some very talented middies. Pretty much all of their middies and attack men can bring the heat from outside, so you better have a very good goalie if you are going to try to play a zone defense on them. Their defense was also very solid and played good team defense, knowing when to double, when to crowd the lane and they all moved their feet well. Every one of the ones I watched also laid smart checks and were good with their sticks. They all looked comfortable going upfield to clear the ball. MV also has a very good keeper (at least he was today). He made some pretty difficult saves look routine. If he is as good in general as he was today, he is a stud. They are going to be a handful for everyone they play this year.

I also ran into a couple of the old MV coaching staff from back in the day, caught up a bit on old times and got my first sunburn of the season. It was a pretty nice afternoon.
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Re: Monte Vista (11) v. Loyola Los Angeles (6)

Postby Grampa Lax » Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:20 pm

Nice report numbersman. Great time to be a Mustang. Monte Vista now 11-0 and ranked number 1 in the state and number 12 nationally has a legitimate chance to run the table.
However as numbersman says they now have a bulls eye on their back. The remaining schedule is not very demanding outside of their old EBAL foes DLS and SRV. The likes of Stevenson School, Livermore, Jesuit Catholic of Sacramento, Campolindo, and Cal high probably can't put up much of a fight. They do have a game with Bellarmine (4-4) but the Bells have been very inconsistent although they have played some very tough opponents . De la Salle has a another gaudy record but also has a weak schedule outside the EBAL. SRV, IMO, will be the Mustangs main roadblock. The Wolves while only 6-4 have played the toughest schedule overall in the NCS. They still this week have 3 more So Cal powers in Poway, Palos Verdes and to a lesser degree San Clemente over the next 5 days to play. Coach Worstell likes to play a challenging schedule especially with a young team which Wolves have this year. He feels that with an arduous schedule his team will continue to improve and will peak in May for the playoffs. I think SRV will be the Mustangs toughest out and MV will probably have to beat them twice to win EBAL, NCS and remain undefeated. SRV beat MV ( 3 times last year to win both the EBAL and NCS) Tough to beat a worthy opponent more than once in the playoffs. The best team ever at Monte Vista? Maybe but there are still some mountains to climb and teams that aren't going to concede their dominance without a fight not withstanding MV's well deserved win over Saint Ignacious and record. Should be a great next 30 days of lacrosse in Nor Cal.
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