Wolves win EBAL defeating MV 16-8

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Wolves win EBAL defeating MV 16-8

Postby Grampa Lax » Fri May 09, 2014 10:44 pm

SRV won the EBAL championship tonight at MV in convincing style 16-8 over the Mustangs. SRV scored first but the rest of the first quarter belonged to MV as they gained possession and penetrated the SR defenses time after time to forge to a 5-2 lead much as they had done against SI last week. Then in the space of 2-1/2 minutes the game was tied. The Wolves were literally winning every face off and fast braking shooting and finding nothing but net. SRV scored 7 unanswered goals to take a 9-5 lead at the half. They had settled in and began playing with confidence and skill. The scoring was well distributed and not just confined to Peter Tagliaferri and Austin French. MV kept a tight lid on Austin French which left open others for scoring opportunities. Keegan Lancaster scored 4 times as a result. There would be no second half come back this night for MV. The Wolves with Peter Tagliaferri continuing to win 80% of the face offs really made any comeback impossible. The SRV lead continued to grow and with 6 minutes left and leading 16-7 all the seniors and reserves got to play in the championship game. The SRV players had dedicated this game to their cancer stricken coach Todd French so to win the game for such a truly good guy was very sweet. Coach French was in tears after the game probably of both joy and emotion. This was a very focused team and for the players not to win this one for their beloved coach and for themselves was unthinkable. Sometimes being too emotional can create problems but not this night. Of course there is a long road ahead to win the Nor coast Div 1 but this was the game the kids wanted and the rest if it comes or not is secondary. They couldn't break their promise to their coach and they didn't . Congrats to the Wolves
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