De La Salle - 12, Foothill - 5 -- Final

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Re: De La Salle - 12, Foothill - 5 -- Final

Postby picknroll » Wed May 25, 2011 11:18 pm

It was 4-2 DLS at half and the game didn't really become a blowout until late in the 3rd when it got away from Foothill.

Foothill has some very talented young players (9 sophs and 1 freshman). They play a big role in this team, but they looked young tonight. A veteran DLS team amped up the intensity for playoffs and Foothill's young players had trouble responding. DLS came prepared to play.

Aggressive ride and relentless ground balls by DLS kept Foothill on their heals.
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Re: De La Salle - 12, Foothill - 5 -- Final

Postby splitdodge » Wed May 25, 2011 11:48 pm

Dlax -

Too much individual dodging that led to double figure turnovers in 1st half, 2nd half was much of the same and then FHS lost its composure by committing many penalties. DLS capitalized on man down situations with incredible, crisp passing and team play with 7 assists on their 12 goals. The ball movement was outstanding and DLS was always looking for the open man. Two plays that stood out were a lightning quick skip pass by Will Montero that looked like a shot at the 30 to Jack Mccormick on the crease and a pass through traffic from Justin Garcia to Jack McCormick. Jack finished both with ease for the score. Very impressive. Gaetano Demattei (Sp?) was very impressive from both the X and midfield, very quick first step and finishing ability, I believe he ended up with 5 goals. On the FHS side of the fence, completely the opposite as there was little or no team play whatsoever for most of the game. Gabe Garcia put in 3, all from assists - one from Heneli Kailahi, D-pole, who went the distance and dished at last minute, and Colin Kacinski got the other 2 unassisted. Not a very good game to watch if you were a FHS fan, no excuses, however, as De La Salle came to play and Foothill did not and as a result DLS dominated the game. DLS doubled and tripled the ball everytime an FHS player pulled back to dodge, and as the law of averages goes, 1 v 2 and 1 v 3 means DLS got the ball and FHS got the turnover. DLS was very aggressive and went for ball everytime, FHS spent most of the game sweeping the ball and went for body, end result - DLS won the ground ball war and FHS won the penalty minutes. Got to give major probs to DLS, they wanted this game more and went after it. Once DLS saw an opportunity, they made the most of it. I agree with numbersman, completely missed this one as well
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