Five NCAA Lacrosse players: What they have in common

Five NCAA Lacrosse players: What they have in common

Postby Billax » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:27 am

The five players I've written about below are all graduating or graduated college Seniors in the Class of 2016. It may be that there are several other, similar guys from the NorCal Class of 2016, but these are the guys I know. Their High School backstories are remarkably similar – and so are their college stories. Here's what I mean: All these guys played High School ball in NorCal and all of them were named High School All-Americans — three of them were two-time HS All-Americans. All of them played on Summer Travel teams together, and all of them were recruited athletes, as opposed to being walk-ons. In the recruiting process, all of them, I believe with parental guidance, ended up seeking lacrosse slots at excellent schools. The old adage applies, What if an injury keeps you from ever again playing Lacrosse? Choose a college from which you'll be proud to graduate. Every single one of these guys attended — and will graduate from — a university or college ranked in the top 30 in the nation, as determined by US News and World Report. ( e.g., #3, #8, #18, #25, #30) Luckily for them, they all were able to play throughout their four college years, save for Michael Tagliaferri who, because of injury, took one redshirt year. Funnily enough, the college uni numbers for three of the guys were #4, with one more wearing #44, though #44 wore # 4 at Saint Ignatius.

What does graduating from an academic powerhouse get you? In concrete terms, a job, or more likely, a choice of jobs, in a field that pays well and offers prospects for a career. It is, perhaps, unfair that employers give the benefit of the doubt to athletes, and some employers give strong preference to Lacrosse guys with good grades but, unfair or not, that is the way the world works! The assumptions made by future employers about Laxers with degrees from strong schools are: a) they're highly competitive guys, b) they're team players and know how to coordinate and work well together, c) given the schools they attended, they're smart enough to do well in our environment, and d) we compete in a highly competitive business and we need people who have proven to be smart, highly competitive guys.

Folks may disagree as to whether employers SHOULD make make decisions the way they do, but the reality is that Laxers from strong schools are sought after (and competed for) by a number of industry sectors, many in finance. These sectors include: Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Management Consulting, and Brokerage. As an anecdotal example, all eight Senior laxers at Yale were recruited to Investment Banking or Institutional Brokerage firms. I suspect things aren't much different at the other schools attended by these recent NorCal graduates.
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