Dominican vs NY(IT) Lax

Dominican vs NY(IT) Lax

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Great turnout for the Dominican vs NYIT game this weekend. 600+ standing room only crowd, watching under perfect weather, teams from Norcal and NY battle it out. What more can you ask for, really.

If you ever wondered what does NY or east coast lax talent look like, and how do we in Norcal compare to them, then you missed out on a great game to see for yourself. Personally, I think we played well enough to hang with them, and that was evidenced with a fairly close score. They had a lot of speedy guys on offense, and a couple of beefy attack guys who executed a couple of inside roll dodges on us. NYIT had a lot of motion on offense which they scored a number of goals off of. Overall, I think Dominican had a great showing and things are looking up for them in the coming years as they start to gell as a team and gain more experience. I think 7 out of the 10 starters were FRESHMAN!

Here are some of things I noticed at the game, some game-related, some not:

* NYIT brought something like 40-50 players! Wow, that is a lot of guys on the field warming up. They warmed up with a ton of energy and enthusiam. With the music blaring and wearing light blue unis and white helmets, they looked, frankly, amazing out there.

* Field was grass but I read they are building an all-weather turf field so that will be a great plus to the lacrosse team. Let's hope they can get it done before the season is over. Would like to attend a couple of more game this year and watch this team play on new turf and bleachers.

* Speaking of bleachers, they may need to get more seating capacity in because a lot of people had to stand on the side lines. Would be great to have 1000+ in the stands to cheer on the Penguins.

* Just a suggestion to help attact community support, Dominican should invite local players and coaches from the surrounding youth, HS and JC/DVC teams to watch the games. I think it would be a great experience and benefit for both sides.

* Dominican is just right in our backyard. I have never been to Dominican before this weekend but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is right off the freeway (101) and easily accessible. I had this idea that Dominican was located far away in the hills somewhere but it is actually located in a nice neighborhood.

* Have some sort of pre-game BBQ or tail-gating events in the parking lot or nearby fields to attract and entertain attendees.

* Have some vendor booths like Sling-it and and Vitality's fastest shot tent attend. Would be great to have something for the kids to do before the game and at halftime.

* NYIT had great stick and passing skills, as you would expect, but I was surprised to see how many stick checks and forced ground balls we were able to get. I think DU's defense did a great job overall.

* I think the score should have been closer if DU had finished on a couple of fast-breaks.

* #3 Dalton Copeland (So., Middie) was a monster out there.

* Great idea of DU to hand out roster sheets. That helped out a lot to know the players.

* DU coaching staff looks impressive. All assistant coaches are in their first year at DU but all have impressive bios. One is local guy from Walnut Creek/DLS HS, Nick Coric, who was a stand out player at D3 powerhouse C.W. Post. Great to have players come back home to develop talent. This can only help raise the bar all around.

* As mentioned before, this team is YOUNG, and should get better and better as the season rolls along. Another great recruiting class and a strong winning record will go a long ways to help their cause.
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