Thanks, Coach French

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Thanks, Coach French

Postby laxmom22 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:43 pm

Well it wasn't pretty the first weekend in Maryland....
Flooding fields, humid, shortened games, uninspiring lacrosse, and one very cranky coach (aka Todd French).

Fast forward 5 days in Maryland at NSCLA Young Guns...
Hot, hot, hot and a roster of "rising sophs" from Northern California who needed to find it. The majority of this roster (SRV, SI, Novato, De La Salle, Sacred Heart, etc) were little boys when Coach French said, "hey,'ve got some game", and then took them each under his wing. These young men each know how much has been given to them so unselfishly by this coach. With all that is going on in the world of youth/high school lacrosse, it is very unique and special to find this type of coach. Last weekend at Young Guns, was a shining example of what it is to play the game with passion regardless of heat, injury, or pure exhaustion. With the roster down to 16 players by the time Sunday's championship game rolled around, it was clear the game was going to be on. It was a beautiful thing to watch each and every one of these boys bring it.....switching positions, working unselfishly as a team, playing through pain, and just not getting tired. It was even more beautiful to know why.....Coach French.
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