Fun pickup game (aka The Todd French Challenge)

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Fun pickup game (aka The Todd French Challenge)

Postby Grampa Lax » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:41 pm


A fun game was played last Monday evening at SRV replete with real refs and a fair amount of parents and the curious in attendance. The purpose? Well, Todd French is coaching and taking back to Maryland next week an All Star team of rising Sophs (2015) from the Bay area. This is a 3d lacrosse event with the team composed of some very good rising Sophs primarily from St Ignatius, SRV and from other East bay High Schools.

Todd felt that his team was getting kind of cocky and full of themselves so he issued a challenge to some of his former Scorpion players now active or recently graduated primarily from SRV, MV, and De La Salle to form a team and give his kids a spanking and bring them back to earth.

So calls were made to older kids in the area and a team was put together to take on Todd’s Young Guns.

Playing for the “Old Timers “included from SRV Jordan Weiss, Jackson Brown, Aran Roberts, Niko Souza, Peter Tagliaferri, Jack Huvane, Nick Gartlieb his older brother and 2011 graduate now at Penn State Jordan La Tendresse ( LT )

From Monte Vista I noted Gus Gradinger,
Andrew Simor, Sam Langon, and Cameron Parsons:

From De La Salle noted were Jack Mc Cormack, Doug Stazza, Kevin Kuptz, and Mitch Olinger. There were others as well and I’m afraid I didn’t get all the names (there was no roster) Not a bad lineup for a pickup team

There was a lot of good natured ribbing between parents of the Young Guns and” Old Timers”if you will. There was also a lot of camaraderie between the current players from SRV, De La Salle and MV and it appeared the kids really enjoyed playing with each other.

As to the game itself everyone thought that the older boys would indeed put a whippen on the younger guys but that didn’t happen. No score was kept but it was very close. Todd’s team played well and without fear or intimidation.. Afterwards the older boys said they were not going all out or checking that hard etc, However, I saw a lot of older guys sitting on the bench sucking air and guzzling lots of water. The senior kids were without a coach and some of the SRV kids out for football practice earlier that day had been involved in some grueling runs in the hills and were gassed..

Afterward Todd gathered all the kids together and thanked the older boys for coming. I suspect Todd knew all along that his kids would not be spanked. He achieved what he really wanted that is to give his team some good competition and the confidence that they could play with the best of the teams back East. I’m sure that his team will have a very successful tournament.

A few days later at the Cali Gold camp Todd said that the older kids had a ball and he thought it might be a fun event to do every summer. After all the kids from SRV, De La Salle and Monte Vista seemed to enjoy being the "Best of Enemies" at least for one day
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