Lacrosse Blowing up in N./S. Carolina, Colorado and FL

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Lacrosse Blowing up in N./S. Carolina, Colorado and FL

Postby laxlover » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:32 pm

but not in California -- kinda of frustrating...

Have been reading a lot lately about major events and lacrosse growing in those 3 areas but nothing really in California. I guess our main problem is we are on the left coast, far away from lacrosse hotbeds or rapidly growing markets. I figure we are a good 6-8- years away from getting D1 college lacrosse and pro teams in Norcal (and Socal). California deserves better representation. By popluation alone and plain player counts, we should be dominating the lacrosse environment, as least compared to Colorado and FL, with no disrespect to them.

N. and S. Carolina:
- MLL Pro team Charlotte Hounds start 2012 season.
- Greenville S.C. gets 2012 MCLA tournament.
- Furman (Greenville) gets D1 lax for mens and women for 2014
- ESPN Warrior Classic (Hofstra, Syracuse, UNC, Rutgers) moves to Charlotte (first 2 years held in Conn.)
- I think there is a new Pro Box Lax team.

Colorado (Denver):
- 2012 Mile High Classic presented by Inside Lacrosse (Duke, Virginia, Denver and Penn).
- Denver Outlaws Pro lax team
- Univ. of Denver D1 mens lacrosse team -- which is blowing up big time. They looked awesome playing the USA team last week.
- Warrior Vail lax tournament
- Denver Shootout tourney
- Denver University team camps
- Denver declares themselves the "Lacrosse Capital of the West" (?!)
- Colorado womens D1 program announced.

- Gets 2012 MLL All-Star game
- Jacksonville D1 college hires Guy Van Arsdale as coach for 2012.

But to be fair to people who have been growing lax in California, I do see Dominican getting a lot of local players, which is great. I am expecting to hear great things from them, and plan to go to a couple of their games. They play some tough competition this year which includes some east coast power houses.

I also hear lax at DVC is getting bigger (numbers wise), stronger and better, and other JCs are maybe thinking of adding lax to their programs. More lax opportunities after HS is always good.
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