Great Atlantic Cover Swim/Ward

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Great Atlantic Cover Swim/Ward

Postby backdoor » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:22 pm

The swim move has become too common now, as I see kids barely with a year or two in the game trying it. For the most part it's only effective with experienced and quick players, preferably tall. I've seen it pulled off by guys not so tall.

The thing I've been noticing more and more is the swim with a off hand hook, like in basketball. On the cover of the new Great Atlantic is a perfect example of it. Some unknown guy (Ok,kidding, it's Paul Rabil. He is over used and I'm kinda tired of seeing his mug) is doing a swim with a free hand push on a training device. I've clearly seen this in games and it's usually not called. I actually saw it called once last season and some people say this isn't a ward. It seems pretty clear to me that it is. Using a free hand to push or gain an advantage with possession of the ball is a ward.
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