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Postby backdoor » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:08 pm

I've heard this term used many times in the past several months in regards to the off season opportunities that pull at kids. There are so many more opportunities for players now that it truly is great for our lacrosse scene. But on the other hand, what used to be "special" and "elite" doesn't seem so any more. There are truly some excellent teams traveling and having success around the US, again a sign of the progress of our lacrosse community.

At the elite camps and tournaments, are they really, truly only the elite at these events? I don't think so. It seems to me that the competition at the Sonoma Shootout used to be much higher. The Adrenaline Showcase and California Gold essentially are competing for the same set of players, amongst other teams that pull at these players. So, my question is this: Are the players and coaches getting what they bargained for or is the scene so saturated that it's being watered down? It's a lot of money to attend these events. Is it fair to the players?

As an example, I heard many good things and one bad thing about Cal Gold. I didn't get to go, so this is hearsay. Of course this event is a tremendous opportunity for our elite players, and from everything I hear, an impressively run event. But I also heard that there were players that probably didn't fit in with the elite players. Perhaps some were at the Adrenaline Showcase. Perhaps some chose to pay significantly less and play at the All West Showcase. Maybe some simply couldn't afford the other events. What do you think?
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