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Adrenaline Stats

Postby backdoor » Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:40 pm

Not sure if people have seen this. This is posted on the Adrenaline web site and sent out in emails to those coaches nominating players. It also goes out to the players.

I don't see any copyright notice and since they sent it out, I decided to post it. I'll take it down, if asked.

Though I can't find any direct claims, they seem to be implying that a if you attend Adrenaline events you very very likely are going to play NCAA lacrosse. Out of the 50 NCAA players from California, 46, or 92% went to Adrenaline. Of course they're not saying "We have sent 92% of our California attendees to NCAA lacrosse.", but it sure seems like they're trying to make it look that way.

I wonder how many NCAA players from Northern California played in the NCJLA? Nearly 100% if not 100%? So, play in NCJLA events, play NCAA ball and save 1000's of dollars. :wink:
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