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Postby backdoor » Sun Jan 30, 2005 8:20 pm

This forum has seen a honkin' increase in usage over past month. The number of hits and visits for January has tripled over that of December. Myself and a few key members appreciate the use and the exhange that is taking place.

It seems important at this time to express the goals and philosophy of this forum, as I and other key members see it. It is my hope that the members will continue to help shape and mold this forum into the following:

First, a place to exchange information on lacrosse and more specifically how it applies to Northern California. Of course, I don't want to confine it ot NorCal but would like to keep it focused here.

Second, a place for ALL ages. This forum should be a place for a beginning lacrosse player, whether he/she is in 1st grade or in college. A place for players, parents and fans to exchange information without worrying about offensive material or foul language. I know sometimes limits get pushed and borderline material may make it's way on and stay on. But, if it's in good humor and not meant to be harmful, I can accept it. I also expect that certain forums will take on the personality of it's primary users and may be less or more all-age friendly. Again, acceptable.

Thirdly, this forum was started with a vision of good sportsmanship, respect and sense of humor. I've seen other forums where there are topics unrelated to the forum focus, or conversations that are based on trash talking and slander. I appreciate the exhange we've had so far, which involves a little attitude, some boasting and mostly respectful exchange of beliefs and opinions.

So register and participate in good spirit.
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