Commercial Posts on the NCLF

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Commercial Posts on the NCLF

Postby backdoor » Mon Oct 31, 2005 11:42 pm

It is the policy of this forum that posts of a commercial nature are not acceptable. Mentioning of brand names or companies solely for the purpose of free advertising will be taken down and the poster will be asked to not to repeat the posts. Users that repeatedly ignore the policy will be banned.

As Backdoor Goals is the featured sponsor of this forum (hey, I pay the bills), you will occasionally see Backdoor Goals promoted within the forum along with sponsorship partners.

If this forum allowed posting of advertisements, it would slowly turn into a competing set of posts promoting various commercial interests. This would surely kill the original intent of this forum, which is to provide a place to exchange lacrosse opinion, scores, events and the like.

ACCEPTABLE It is fine for a person that uses this forum to mention a particular product, service or company name in a regular conversation. If an everyday user wants to tell us what brand of gloves he wears, which camp he/she went to or his favorite team, that if fine.

It is also acceptable for teams or organizations that are non-profit in nature to post their events, even if fund raisers. Private interests are generally not considered non-profit even if they are not profitable.

NOT ACCEPTABLE It is NOT acceptable to use the forum in the following ways (and others that I have not thought of as of yet): Signing each post with your business name or contact information. If you are an active member of this forum or our lacrosse community, people will know who you are and they will know how to contact you. It is also not acceptable to mention things like, "Hey, come see me at BUSINESS NAME for the latest.....".

NOT ACCEPTABLE It is NOT acceptable for members to submit promotional posts that aim to promote for-profit leagues, events, etc. and list business names etc.

It is my intention to keep this forum relatively commercial free however there are costs associated with running it and a significant amount of time. So if you are wanting to be a commercial presence on the forum, there are ways to do it.
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