Indoor pro game: good model of lacrosse?

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This might get a little long winded like one of my speeches at camp that the kids can atest (sp?) to.

Box Lacrosse is very different from Field lacrosse and is played by a different breed of lacrosse players. It is interesting to note however that the best lacrosse player to ever bless the Earth was the best in both Field and indoor, and he is a huge proponent of both. Each sport has particular skills that can translate into the other. Additionally each sport should be appreciated for its very different attributes.

From a historical standpoint...

Indoor lacrosse was born in my home land of Canada where we have more ice hockey rinks than outdoor soccer fields. The NHL and its predecessors developed the game to help train its hockey players in the off season. That, and there was such a surplus of ice hockey facilities. The game branched off of the native version of the sport and deserves a seperate respect. PS you'd be a grumpy lacrosse player too if you put up with the winters that I grew up with.

As for the pace of the game...

remeber that Professional sports of any kind are different than amateur sports. As much I wish that we could just play at full pace all the time with no slow downs. We have to deal with TV timeouts, entertainment and sponship breaks etc. Youth box lacrosse is very fast paced with minimal breaks. You'll almost never see a player on the field standing around waiting for the play to come back to his end. (goalies excluded)

The reason we will slow down what looks like a fast break can be one of many. After 24 years of playing lacrosse, you learn that faster is not always smarter. Indoor lacrosse is a game momentum, sometimes it is going for you and sometimes it is not. The team that gets and maintains the momentum usually wins. One thing is for sure, the team that works the hardest and plays the smartest always wins. Next time you see a player slow down on what looks like a break, looka round and see if you see any of these things. Was he on the correct side of the floor? if not, with the small nets, the percentages were against him. Did the defense just play a long shift, or just finish killing a penalty? if so, then the offense is being responsible and giving the D (me and the boys) a rest. Doesn't that seem intelligent to you? maybe we have the momentum and cannot afford to miss on the break and fall victim to reverse transition, where we miss and they go back the other way on an uneven break and score, giving them back the momentum. (try to be the hero but risk being the zero)

regarding the more physical play...

Indoor lacrosse is a more physical game. We hit harder and more often. We use the boards as a 7th man on the field. We sometimes fight. Thats is just how it is at the professional level. The best players in the world playing there absolute hearts out, filled with passion for what they do. soetimes disagreements happen, thats why there is penalties. I'm not telling kids to fight, quite the opposite. but understand that fighting is a very small aspect of the game and the game has been around for a very long time (old dog new tricks)

the crazy looking checks...

I take great pride in those. What might look like wild stick swinging to the untrained eye, is actually quite deadly accuracy combined with tempo and blended with the appropriate amount of force. for example, offensive players aren't nearly as smart as you might think. if you hit them just hard enough twice on the bottom had they will almost always go to one hand and leave themselves open for a tomahawk stick check, swung over the head and around the opponents helmet where it will always find the opponents stick waiting to give away the ball. looks wild, not at all. Ask Gary Rosyski. He'll happily trust me to swing "wildly" around his head at full speed with no helmet on knowing how accurate we are with our checks.

In Summary...

Lacrosse is lacrosse! each brand, men's, women's, field, box, beach, pick up, 3 v 3, 7 v 7. Guess what it is all lacrosse and we love each brand for different reasons. When you see womething new that you haven't seen, stop and ask yourself why they might be doing that? Then ask, what could I learn from this type of lacrosse or from this team that I could take back to me team and teach them.

I started coaching women's lacrosse. guess why?! I didn't know anything about it. It had to have something to offer my game. sure enough my stick skills (after 24 years) have imporved more in the last 14 months than in the previous 5 years.

Remember that one of the best things about lacrosse is the family that it provides us with. Even though indoor or box lacrosse might be that strange uncle in your family, from Canada, its still family. We take great care in teaching it when given the chance and it can make good players into excellent players real quick.

I am veryv open to discussing this with anyone who wishes. feel free to drop me a line.
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