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Postby picknroll » Thu Jun 07, 2007 5:44 pm

DlaxDad wrote:So why is it that they only allow three poles in MLL? I love watching a skilled defender with a long pole. I think the pole evens the odds a bit between offense and defense.

I guess like most professional sports they are trying to promote scoring: only 3 poles, shot clock, 2 point shot. The thinking probably is that scoring sells tickets.

Not sure if they need those measures. It doesn't seem like these guys practice all that much so the team defense is not all that great. I saw a bunch of missed slides in the last game with guys popping wide open at the crease. There's definitely great individual talent on the field in these games, but unfortunately I don't think these guys get the practice time to run quality team defense.

I'm with you. I like a 4th pole and watching great D.
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