Cal Women's Lacrosse "On" Again

Cal Women's Lacrosse "On" Again

Postby Scorekeeper » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:15 pm

Due to Title IX issues, the current word is that women's lacrosse is back in Berkeley beyond this year. Hard to image that the committee which made the initial decisions regarding the sports didn't think of the T-9 implications; maybe it's the extra fund raising that suddenly materialized for Cal's famous rugby squad that made it necessary to also retain more women's programs. Anyone know?

Tough to recruit when you had your best prospects jump to other schools last fall and the outlook is so uncertain. And now we have USC going bigtime, likely getting some top California prospects to add to what will no doubt be mostly an East Coast group of players initially. Fresno State is another new school aiming for in-state talent.
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Re: Cal Women's Lacrosse "On" Again

Postby Coach Jen » Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:56 pm

Don't forget SDSU. I think those coming out of our high schools are doing so at a very good time.

Cal Back on again: The TITLE IX cluster ---- at Cal still blows me away. It just made me wonder if they can even count. The worst part is: Theresa Sherry has done more single handedly to grow lacrosse and enthusiasm for our sport in the last 4 years than anyone else around; be it due to her position, hard work, or growth of her club. Who cares why. IT IS SO. The way Cal has treated her has appears egregious. Their actions made at least 4 rostered players leave immediately, and lost her 2 recruiting classes. She has lost her assistants.

Who knows if she will stay or go. It would be hard for her to stay: The Athletic department turned their backs on her the moment she stood up for herself. It would be hard for her to leave, she has built a HUGE high school club. She has to make a living, right? Without her there, all those kids would suffer. If she leaves her D1 team has no coach.

I still don't understand how so many smart people could not have listened to the 2 college kids who tried to explain the T-9 thing to them 3 days after the announcement. AMAZING.

I better stop stirring the pot. It makes my blood boil.
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