DFAL 2103 All League

DFAL 2103 All League

Postby laxpops » Tue May 28, 2013 1:40 pm


Most Valuable Player
Name School Position Year

Chloe Landry Acalanes M 11

First Team
Niki Quinn Acalanes M 12
Kate Fellner Acalanes M 11
Katie O’Keefe Acalanes A 12
Gabby Palffy Acalanes D 12
Claire Faulkner Campolindo A 12
Mary Hildeburn Campolindo M 10
Anne Neuweiler Las Lomas M 12
Lindsay Hedgecock Las Lomas M 12
Lauren Dougherty Miramonte M 12
Hannah Friel Miramonte M 11
Jenna Clingerman Dublin G 12
Mary Ma Dougherty Valley A 12

Second Team
Sabba Jweainat Acalanes G 9
Caroline Newman Acalanes A 10
Bridget Coleman Campolindo M 10
Jaq Guelfi Campolindo G 11
Tate Lundgren Las Lomas M 12
Natalie Baldacci Las Lomas M 11
Mica Zimmerman Miramonte D 11
Caroline Tague Miramonte M 10
Megan Zummo Dublin M 12
Kendra Cheda Dublin A 12
Mikayla Flicek Dougherty Valley M 11
Maria Garcia Alhambra A 12

Honorable Mention
Devyn Diolazo Dougherty Valley M 9
Hadeel Rasheed Dougherty Valley M 12
Diana Tataru Las Lomas D 11
Maddie Myers Las Lomas M 9
Jessica Smolin Alhambra M 11
Katie Whalen Campolindo D 12
Marie Martin Campolindo M 12
Lauren Burns Campolindo M 10
Mia Harnet Miramonte D 10
Ana Mendoza Alhambra D 12
Becca Hansen Alhambra M 12
Caith Wright Acalanes D 10
Imam Hamze Dublin M 11
Hailey Zummo Dublin M 12
Practice Player
Practice Player
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Re: DFAL 2103 All League

Postby NotthePatientOne » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:00 am

When does EBAL come out? I know our team was already told who got what for our team but I think it would not be anyone's interest to post school by school until the full list has been posted
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