NCS Championships

NCS Championships

Postby laxdad2012 » Thu May 26, 2011 8:33 am

I understand why they are putting the boys and girls DI games together on Friday (DeLaSalle and Carondelet both in the finals and top seeds), but it seems like it would have been a nice idea to put the DI and DII girls finals together instead. I think fans of one girls game might like to stay to see the other.

Either way, any thoughts on the title games?

I think Carondelet is probably going to win the DI game by 5 or more. Foothill played them tough in their first game (and still lost by 8 goals), and then played poorly in their second (losing by 10). But you never know. I think the Falcons are really talented and they've had a great season. I hope they give the Cougars a tough game but I think it's just Carondelet's year.

In the DII game I think Acalanes is going to win over top-seeded Marin Catholic by a similar margin. I know earlier in the season MC played St. Ignatius very tough. And if they can channel that same energy then look out. But they just squeaked by Piedmont last night, while Acalanes beat Miramonte handily. I think Acalanes is just better tested.
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Re: NCS Championships

Postby laxpops » Thu May 26, 2011 2:24 pm

The D1 championship seems very fitting. Carondelet is clearly the team to beat, and Foothill (when they are playing up to their abilities) are the second best team. Cal had an excellent year and it would not have been a surprise if they won last night.

D2 should be won by Acalanes - when those girls are clicking they are a tough team for anyone to beat. I have not seen MC play too much this season - but their record shows that they are very tough. Should be an exciting game to watch. I have seen Acalanes play many times this year and their senior talent really shines through in big games. They have some amazing players on the field - and their younger players have performed very well in the last several weeks.

One BIG complaint about this years NCS finals format - all of the games should be played at one venue - with all of the games - or girls / then boys on consecutive days. It is very unfair for the parents / fans of either Acalanes or MC to be playing their games on the same night 45 miles apart.
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