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Well...I tried not to way in, but...I agree with respecting the game and the girl's commitment through out the season. Indeed, personal attacks on posters are not warranted and not even germane to the to the conversation. Nonetheless, it seems to happen from time to time when passions get high. I have to say that compared to "other" sports boards I read, the chatter back and forth on this one seems relatively mild, not to say it is desirable or warranted.

Regarding programs improving, I think those teams that want to improve their game need to encourage their girls to keep a "stick" in their hand "year round". There are many alternatives for doing that, including local leagues (no I'm not affiliated with Ironhead), camps, club teams, and tournaments. Doing so raises the play at all levels and makes the league much more competitive and exciting. Just look how well the league teams are playing out of league teams, including So. Cal teams. Additionally, those girls who play lacrosse outside the regular season begin to know each other, parents too, and develop a better sense of sportsmanship and friendships. It really becomes more about the sport and working together. Lastly, simply playing during the season is not enough if you want to be competitive. Unfortunately, our kids live in a different world than what we grew up in. I like to blame it on soccer that seems to go on for 18 months a year! No, my daughter gave up soccer early on...too much of commitment for the parents, but the year round development of skills relates to all sports. So those that are committed will do it in some way....those that aren't....well they'll suffer like I go in my golf game! Just not good enough to pick up a club every 3 months and play scratch golf!

Yes, NCS panned out as predicted by most. I thought CHS played well early on and finished strong. Their defense was particular good in the early part of the game allowing only 2 or 3 shots (estimate, not documented, not from the stat table or official book) on goal. It helped that FHS attempted to slow the game down and be particularly selective on their shots. It didn't help that they turned the ball over several times on offense. I'm not saying the calls were good or bad, but I don't recall the same types of calls being made during the season. Overall, I think the officiating was good and they tried to let the girls play. Others may disagree, but I don't think it impacted the outcome of the game. I think with a strong early stand on defense, 5 or more scoring threats and overall team speed, CHS played their game needed to win, slow ball or not.

Again, I was impressed with FHS's mid-field defense, passing skills and ground balls. They rarely put the ball on the ground or turned it over on passing. Lastly, it was nice to seem some of the FHS and CHS players visit with each other after the game as friends. It was a true display of sportsmanship by all, regardless of the passionate play on the field.
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