week of April 25th

Re: week of April 25th

Postby laxadaisical » Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:47 pm

Foothill 15, Monte Vista 9. Falcons avenge their worst loss of the year. Hats off. Their win and Cal's loss make the race for second very interesting...
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Re: week of April 25th

Postby FHSrent » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:04 pm

Back up a few posts: Laxtree: YOU GO! Hello PEOPLE! Lacrosse does not grow unless we support programs like Livermore and Granada... and hopefully, teams in fremont and tracy. If we are so ego centric and ethnocentric as to demoralize these programs... well, we are slowing the growth of our own sport. It probably was not intended that way, but, LAX TREE, I hear you.
Bless you for your support of the growth, and for speaking out.

Sorry, back to my area... oooo... and regarding Foothill... sorry, Lax tree...

This is the best game FHS has played all year. Team work coming out of their ears. If they keep playing like this, well... they could compete with Carondelet...

NICE, Foothill, very NICE... playin' like you know how... more will be revealed for a team that plays like a team.


Both teams played hard, but the physicality concerned me. Of note: One kid took 2 solid checks to the head. The first, NO CALL, although she fell to the ground, holding her head and could not get up. Maybe justice was served when her team captain picked up the ball she dropped (when falling) and scored... :) . You gotta love that Quero kid: non stop action.

The second was even more blatant, and when she was backing out of the shooting space, hiding her stick out to the outside at arms length, and this SAME kid had to reach out at her and check her on the head. A yellow card was issued the second time. But, the rules state that a check to the head yields a red card. This kid has played like this for at least the last 2 years. Second time in 1 game? and No RED? COME ON!

The problem is not the kid, it's the fact that the refs allow this. The size differential alone between the checker and the checkee... really, she could have killed her. I realize that the game needs to be called in the moment. But, for safety purposes, maybe instant replay, or later review should be used in order that a late penalty be enforced. This is a huge safety issue. In all honesty, as a parent, it is natural that it upset me.... if it were your kid? Hmmm...

To top it all off; While doing her time on the sidelines, ready to be put back in, jumping up and down, shaking her hands/arms like she's Rocky, and that coach puts her right back on to continue playing that way. So, the coach, just puts her right back in... well...

Here's a story on concussion in girls high school lacrosse, in case anyone questions that the rules need to be followed:
http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story/C ... kDlDA.cspx

Last year, when this was happening alot (to the Amador girls, I saw in 1 game), I defended the kid saying it is not on purpose. But If it's not on purpose, then doesn't good sportsmanship entail an, "I'm sorry" after the game? Seriously. Is it just lack of self control? Maybe a player who repeatedly makes the same mistake should be not allowed to check?

Here's another article:
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