Thoughts on goalies so far

Re: Thoughts on goalies so far

Postby NotthePatientOne » Tue May 24, 2011 10:24 am

Too much goalie stuff on the DL NCS thread and not enough playoffs.

The only true fair way to judge goalies was to let them all have a game on the same team. Each team either helps or hurts a goalie as much as a goalie helps or hurts the team. If you defense does not force the offense out or distrupt shooting, you get to stand in front of the goalie and shoot point blank. If you defense is good and forces outside shots, the goalie needs to play well to stop the gift shots the goalies should save.

As a parent of 3 off and on goalies, my perspective is different. I watch how teams play with different goalies. If your team has confidence in your goalie, you tend to attack more while giving up more close shots. Same the other way, if you do not have the confidence, you team shoots less but plays tighter in defense (resulting in shoots from further away - technically easier shots to save - which would sometimes give a weaker goalie better stats). And at the same time, I watched the Cal AV game. Cal's goalie killed percentage wise (65%) in the stat column but no matter how easy or hard or where on the body a shot is, a save is a save.

How are all leaguers picked, each name should be picked in the same room with those that vote explaining their choices. Does that happen?
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Re: Thoughts on goalies so far

Postby FHSrent » Tue May 24, 2011 1:58 pm

There is some big secret about how this works... LOL... so I ain't sayin'... anyone?
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Re: Thoughts on goalies so far

Postby parent2013 » Tue May 24, 2011 11:19 pm

CHS goalie has a 52.5% save percentage. I think that is darn good considering the gun slingers in EBAL. FHS, MV, CAL, AV, all have real shooters, some with 50 mph shots or better. To be undefeated in EBAL and stop more than 50% of your shots is better than ok in my book.

Maxprep stats show she is better by far than any other goalie in EBAL in terms of saves and goals/game. She's earned some props.

That said, each of the four teams in the semi's are good or their teams wouldn't be playing on Wednesday. That especially goes to the goalies. Each team has a very good goalie to have gotten this far.
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